Don’t Forget To Find Your Dog Some Cool Stocking Stuffers This Christmas!

We can’t forget our adorable pets on the special occasion and am sure they won’t let you forget too. Well not necessarily the cool stocking stuffers, but they too need a nice treat this Christmas and we have a list of some lovely ideas to pamper your pet this holiday season. We know there is so much in the pet store to pickup but this list will definably give you some new ideas to surprise your pets. Our normal cookies can make you dog tummy upset and you can’t stop them from having the special holiday cookies so here you go get this Holiday Dog Cookies with the frosting made specially to suit them and decorated with some fun holiday colors. Holiday themed floppy animals are a nice idea as they are less likely to make a mess with the stuffing.

Depending up on the size of your dog get these Rawhide Canes, they are so cute to even decorate your pet’s space with these canes, am sure they will love the decoration. You can even decorate their collars and leash with this Disney themed Bows and Bells. This sure is going to add so much fun and ready to welcome the Santa. Any pet will wiggle that tail on seeing this colorful biscuits, your dog is no exception he will love his treat even more. Dogs usually love to play with stuffed toys and these cute toys are all dressed up in holiday special to play with your dogs. I loved this fleeced Mickey Mouse and I picked it up for my dog. Stock up some new holiday collection balls for your dogs and we all know how much the dogs love to pay with the tennis balls. So drop some in the stocking and watch them while they unwrap it with so much excitement. Get this super stylish harness with a beautiful colorful bow and they are all ready to walk in style these holidays. Some people love dressing up their pets so here are some cute scarf for dogs, not sure you can leave them alone with this scarf around their neck, need some supervision though. I think cat’s looks nice when you put that collar around their neck with bows and bells. We have talked about the stuffers; now let’s look at some cute stockings to fill the stocking with. There are some many to choose from and you must get one so that your pet doesn’t feel left out when the other family members are busy digging in their stockings. Get this customized Grateful Dead Custom Toy; it’s made out of the up-cycled jeans with your furry friends name embroidered over it. If you dog loves to hang out in the cold then you must be ready with this organic Paw Slave to treat those cracked pads and feet. I know how harsh the chemical ones are. So it’s better to get something handmade and safe.