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Weddings and receptions in Portland are always exquisite and grand, so should be the wedding venue. For all the ceremonies and events that are remembered, the venue selection plays a vital role. The setting and picture of your wedding venue will be forever etched in the minds of you our guests. So, if you wish your wedding or reception to be an outstanding one, make sure that your wedding venue is gorgeous. The Aerie at eagle landing is one of the best portland wedding venues with exquisite d├ęcor in classy and luxurious tones that can be decorated to suit any grand wedding. It offers excellent hospitality and has a stunning oasis of landscaped gardens set amidst the hustle-bustle of Portland’s busy area. The wedding venue at the Aerie provides you with a good decorator also to decorate the wedding venue as per your needs and requirements. Whether you choose the Bellevue Garden for your reception or Belleaire Greens for your wedding or the outdoor garden area for a small sangeet function, the team at the Aerie is equipped to take care of your every event needs. The Aerie has breath-taking high ceilings in the opulent ballroom will lend an air of majesty to your special day.

Want to take your event outdoors? Then pick the beautiful golf area at the Aerie which is surrounded by breathtaking views and greenery. At the Aerie wedding venue, your guests can have a great dinner under the bright night sky. The Aerie at eagle landing is among the finest portland wedding venues situated at the perfect location in Portland. Here at the Aerie, you can treat your guests with an excellent feast of mouth-watering delicacies to choose from in both national and international food. The decor team at the Aerie takes care of the whole decoration of venue for your special day. Here you and your guests can avail rooms and suites with top class luxuries. Perfect for conferences, meetings, presentations, social events, vibrant parties, the Aerie offers well-facilitated arrangements and offers beautiful areas for hosting reception and wedding ceremonies. Just think of celebrating your wedding vows against the backdrop of a sky painted in shades of blue, pink and violets, the Aerie at eagle landing offers a perfect setting for your fantasy wedding. You can even have a sunset view from the lawn which is known to be spectacular. With landscaped gardens, world-class dining, and waterfall adorning your nights, The Aerie at eagle landing is one of the luxurious wedding venues in the city. This wedding venue is geared to handle weddings and receptions with up to 700 guests. The Aerie cave and golf area are sure to spoil you for choice. It also consists on-site planners to make your occasion or an event a phenomenal success.

The Grand Ballroom at the Aerie at eagle landing, blends the best of classic luxury, contemporary decor and modern technology to give you a memorable experience. From beautiful ballroom to the sprawling garden area that’s perfect for those cozy winter weddings; this wedding venue continues to amuse one and all.